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#1- Joel Edmundson

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Joel

Audio Clip Found @ 51:30

Now that i’ve had some time to reflect on the conversation i had with Joel, one golden nugget of wisdom has really resonated with me. He spoke about building relationships with his teammates being crucial to creating a winning atmosphere. Or in Joel’s words “going for beers with the boys” He mentioned that the younger generation of players don’t yet fully grasp how important forgetting about hockey for a bit and having fun really is. 


Even myself, as an entrepreneur feel a certain type of guilt if i drop work for the day and go have fun, because I’m always haunted with  a thought that if you want to be the best, you’re going to have to do things that others aren’t willing to do, like staying home and working when your friends are having fun. 


I think what i take away from joel is not only that it's okay to press pause and have some fun, but it’s NECESSARY!  In the long run being a professional is about more than winning, its about playing and acting in a way that others want to play and win with you. 


So for me, now when i start thinking, “no you don’t need to go on that hike.” or “no you should really stay home and finish editing this interview" i can think of this conversation with Joel and realize that this hike may indirectly make me better at what i do. 

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