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Ep. #13- Kaylor Betts

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Kaylor

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Before my conversation with Kaylor Betts, I was skeptical of the word “manifestation." In my mind, manifestation was when crazy people would ask the universe for something, or just visualize having it, and all of a sudden it would appear, as if by magic. I knew in my heart that that was bullshit. 


But now I realize that I didn’t even understand the definition of the word. Manifestation can be defined as making an abstract idea real. And theres nothing more abstract than somebody's idea of success. So if you want to achieve “success,” you have to find a way to make your definition of it real. You have to manifest it. The problem is that we have two sides to our brain, conscious and subconscious, and they’re not always aligned. Manifesting is the practise of aligning these two parts of the brain. 


Your brain is constantly searching for evidence in the OUTER world (what you can touch, smell, and feel) , to confirm what it believes to be true in your INNER world. 


So, if your definition of success is starting a successful company, and you believe that starting a business is super difficult, and only lucky people can do it, and that you’re not lucky. Then you’re going to cherry pick for reasons to confirm your belief that it’s too difficult. You'll probably find TONS of evidence, and therefore not likely ever start one. If you believe that finding the right partner is impossible, and that something is wrong with you causing you to remain single, then when you’re on a date, you’ll be stuck searching for reasons that’s true, rather than listening to the person, and determining whether they’re right for you.


Now, thanks to Kaylor, I believe that the most important part to manifesting your dreams, is believing that you're worthy, or in other words PREPARED for them. If you don’t truly believe you have what it takes, you won’t identify and take opportunities that will help you get there. This is where I used to get confused, because things like visualization and journaling don’t magically make your dreams come true, but they DO help you find clarity and FEEL prepared.


Secretly I wish manifestation WAS a magic trick that I could learn to get what I want. But it’s not, it’s subtle and requires a foundation of understanding how our psychology works. Getting what you want must be earned. And you can earn it in part by rehearsing in your mind the beliefs you need to hold that will aid you on your journey. Thanks to my conversation with Kaylor, I’m closer to manifesting my dreams than ever before. Because rather than confirming my past limiting beliefs out in the world, I’m slowly but surely, confirming these positive thoughts that I am enough, I am worthy of hitting my business goals, and I am worthy a beautiful relationship. 

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