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Ep. #14- Jeff Neufeld

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Jeff

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If the goal of this podcast is to unearth golden nuggets of wisdom, let’s consider my conversation with Jeff Neufeld a gold mine. It almost seems as though he’s developed a formula, or a recipe for business success that’s approachable and repeatable. He actually makes it sound quite easy, almost obvious, which in my mind is a sign of true mastery. But he emphasizes that it wasn’t easy, that there were many hardships along the way, and that a big part of his success almost came by accident. It’s now clear to me that your past is filled with situations that seem mundane, normal, or insignificant, but they’re actually unique experiences that, when given time to grow, can evolve into something monumental. 


The most interesting part of Jeff's story to me, is when we talk about his "accidental education." Jeff tells us that when he was younger, he was forced to read applicable business material to his blind father.  An ordinary task that he once despised, evolved into a deep understanding of business. This chore eventually developed into a belief system that allowed Jeff to be courageous and take the leap into buying his very own business. 


One might even consider that his professional music career is unrelated to his business success, when in reality it’s what allowed him to seek out coaching to improve upon his weaknesses with no emotional attachment. In business this is often a difficult hurdle to overcome because it’s easily misinterpreted as “I’m not good enough," but in Music, teaching is simply ingrained since day one, and is pursued with excitement, rather than self-defeating thoughts. 


This got me thinking that everybody has their own version of accidental education. It may be disguised as trauma or misfortune, but when the time is right, it will become evident that it was that completely unique experience that helped you achieve your success. 

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