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Ep. #15- Mike Falcon

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Mike

Audio Clip Found @ 1:17:35

Ultimately, what I think I’ve always been searching for in these podcast interviews, and especially the golden nuggets of wisdom, is guidance on how I want to live my life. I want to take in the mistakes, the regrets, and the lessons of others in order to shape the path I’m on, and minimize future regrets. I think Mike Falcon made me realize the importance and the subtleties of adventure in life. That "following adventure" can mean doing something physically difficult like scaling a mountain in the midst of a storm and learning more about what you’re capable of. But that it can also mean something as simple as a chat with a random person, and exploring the conversation further with endless curiosity, instead of wrapping things up because you have somewhere to be. After all, that’s how this interview came about.


Mike speaks with such enthusiasm, gratefulness, and joy when reminiscing on how he's lived his life as if he can’t even believe how it all went down. And it’s not like it was all planned out by him, it all comes down to him following his curiosity, and following adventure. And I think that’s the perfect way to minimize my regrets moving forward

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