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Ep. #16- Mike Falcon

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Mike

Audio Clip Found @ 47:37

Mike boils down all of his hard earned wisdom into the saying “trust the universe.” In the past I’ve completely disregarded any advice as soon as the word “universe” pops up, but I think Mike has made it click for me in a couple of different ways. 


First, trusting the universe is a powerful tool for confronting challenges. In Mike’s words, “We’re not given a challenge we can’t handle, if we are, we’re dead.” When life throws a difficult challenge at us, it’s easy to fall into victim mode and spiral out of control. But if your over arching belief is that you “trust the universe” you’ll face the challenge head on with curiosity, and grow from it, rather than let it beat you down. 


Next, I’ve recently been noticing a general sense of feeling rushed throughout many facets of my life. I need to hurry up and finish the dishes as quick as I can, so I can relax faster… or I need to create a thriving company NOW, in order to prove that I have what it takes, and so I can get what I want ASAP... Or I need to hurry up and get a girlfriend, or get out of debt, blah blah blah...


I used to see this as a positive thing, what was driving me to wake up and get to work. You often hear of the grind, and I assumed that this is what the it was... hustling, and hurrying. But I now see this “hurrying” as a distraction. 


When you’re constantly in a hurry, you’re in a stressed, anxious state of mind, and more focused on getting through what your doing, rather than being focused on the beauty that’s right in front of you. This beauty may not always be an extreme high, or bring bliss or pure joy, but if you’re “trusting the universe” you’re ultimately trusting that it will all work out in the end, and can therefor bring a worry-free contentment into the present moment. This beauty only seems to emerge when in a calm, relaxed state of mind. 


What I take from this small, compact, rich saying “trust the universe”… is to no longer be scared, or in a rush, or even better, to practice NOTICING when i’m feeling scared or rushed, and then realign my focus to what’s is in front of me. To recognize that if there is fear, there is opportunity for growth, and that if i’m feeling rushed, maybe there is an opportunity to pay more attention and slow things down so life doesn’t pass me by so fast. 

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