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Ep. #18- Bron Johnson

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Bron

Audio Clip Found @ 54:46

After my conversation with Bron, I’ve gained an immense amount of clarity on what it means to listen to one’s highest truth. I’d heard the term “highest-truth" many times before in non-fiction books and the countless inspiring Youtube videos I’ve watched, but no definition ever really “RESONATED” with me. I was always left confused and uncomfortable with the term.


I now understand how closely linked your “highest-truth” is with the things you’re self-conscious about. The things I’ve been self-conscious about in the past are usually things that deep down, I know I want to do, but I refrain from doing because I ASSUME other people will think i'm weird if I do them. I now realize that it was a false assumption in my own head. Here’s what I mean…


How could I EVER know that others think listening to Jazz is weird, or cycling in aerodynamic lycra shorts is weird? The more I think about it, my assumptions that EVERYBODY is judging my musical tastes and my tight-fitting spandex, were usually coming from the “norms" in my immediate family. 


My family didn’t ever listen to Jazz, I started loving it through my University friends. So when my behaviour and influence started coming from a place outside of my family, it was easy to assume it’s wrong, or weird, or easily critiqued.


Anyways, I now see my self-consciousness as a sign. A sign that I should push forward through the internal assumptions, because it’s living my highest-truth as “weird” as the term may sound. And pushing past these insecurities and growing as a person is the most rewarding feeling i’ve yet to experience. After all, finding one’s highest truth is the underlying story line of basically any feel-good movie ever released! 

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