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Ep. #22- Dr. Caleb Burgess

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Caleb

Audio Clip Found @ 28:40

If a physiotherapist is a master at anything, it could be simplified into helping people achieve their goals. What goals are more important than getting rid of your pain and increasing your overall health?


But when we're young, our values and goals tend to be disorganized. We care more about our financial position than our health. Rather than spending a couple hundred dollars at a physiotherapists office, a lot of us tend to just avoid doing the activity that causes the pain and hope that pain will go away naturally.

My conversation with Caleb made me realize that there are many parallels here with fixing pain and life in general. In our relationships for instance, if we experience a pain point, we have a tendency to try and avoid the real conflict, and hope the pain goes away naturally just like that knee pain on a run. If you love running, if you love your partner, there are better alternatives than just avoidance.

It's easier to avoid avoid avoid than it is to get vulnerable, and put in the work.  Advil isn't going to fix the pain long-term, nor is a band-aid or metaphorical ice pack. Quick fixes are just for  soothing our current mental state. The thing that will help our pain long-term is finding the underlying issue, addressing it with consistency until we start to feel better. The problem is that it's difficult to know where to start, and that's where the professionals come in. Which unfortunately, cost money.

With a little bit of knowledge from a professional, and with a little bit of hard work from YOU, the "pain" that you experience can be healed in a healthy way so you can continue to do what you love to do long into old age, rather than slowly  giving up the things you love as soon as a pain or discomfort arises.

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