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Ep. #25- Ryan Bernath

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Ryan

Audio Clip Found @ 1:03:18

Obviously Ryan and I talked about and bonded over  cannabis throughout our discussion, however there was a small tidbit that could have easily been glanced over by many. That as soon as I heard, I KNEW was important.


When asked about practices Ryan uses to keep  growing the company despite there being so many government regulations affecting their vision to scale, he mentioned that a piece of advice he always gives and lives by is to  "Not let the potential of failure tomorrow freeze you today."


This really resonated with me as I've 100% struggled with this in the past building my own business. Often times you're getting your self into situations where you just don't know if it'll work out, you're testing and you're trying new things, and this naturally causes some sort of fear.  We've all heard of fight, flight or freeze, and it makes sense that that's exactly what will happen when we're stepping into the unknown not only in a dark scary forest, but in business.


I've often dealt with this stress or this fear by taking a day "for myself" and relaxing, basically needing to self-soothe. which falls under the flight or freeze categories. But maybe now with the awareness of this quote, I can consciously tip the scale towards the FIGHT side of things and get SOMETHING done rather than unconsciously freezing and doing NOTHING. 

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