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Ep. #28- John Morgan

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from John

Audio Clip Found @ 1:31:08

The main life lesson i'll take away from my conversation with John Morgan is the idea of "beginning again." As he describes, at any moment you can begin again, you can be having a bad day and not FEEL like making another sales call, but you can also decide to hit a sort of mental refresh, begin again, and make that extra sales call and not let your feelings affect what needs to be done.

Normally, when interviewing people, I hit a mental hurdle around the 1 hour in mark. It feels like it's time to end, my mental energy from focusing so hard on the conversation is dwindling. But John just so happened to mention the "begin again" concept around the 1 hour mark and I tried it out. We were then locked in and focused for another 30 mins without any additional mental weight. Knowing that when I'm feeling tired, I can use this tool and decide to "begin again," I'm confident I'll be able to test and push my limits a little bit further than I ever thought possible. Consider it added to the 6AM Mindset Toolbox. Thanks John!

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