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Ep. #30- Trent Kitsch

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Trent

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Trent Kitsch is in the big leagues of business, so it hit different when he shared his respect for failure and the willingness to just TRY! We all have a natural feeling of embarrassment when we're trying new things. It's like our mind easily constructs a sort of made-up, fake crowd, full of critics paying very close attention to every move, eager to laugh at every mistake we make. This paralyzes us. But nobody is paying attention as much as we're paying attention to ourselves, so we have to notice this pattern, and not let it stop us from trying. We have to ENJOY Trying! And it's easier to enjoy it, knowing that you have people like Trent in your corner.


I was comforted when Trent reminded us that the BEST of the Best, hall of famer baseball players bat at .300. They hit only 30% of the time! But I was even more comforted when Trent stressed the point that he's developed a love for trying, and for those who try. It's nice to know that somebody at the top is cheering you on, and not judging or laughing at our efforts as we sometimes assume. And this applies to anything you do.


In Trent's Words: "being ok with failure is a cool thing. I think it's important to try, if the people are naysaying the tryers, fuck those people. I love trying."


Thanks Trent!

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