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#4- John Haime

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from John

Audio Clip Found @ 1:08:00

The biggest golden nugget of john’s wisdom that will forever be forged into the 6AM Mindset, is the difference between good pressure and bad pressure. I wasn’t ever quite sure why I couldn’t perform as well when people were watching me vs. when I was practising. I hadn’t yet learned that I WAS actually in control and that the difference between a good vs bad performance wasn’t just luck of the draw. I now realize, that as I was going into my performances,  I was focused on the possibility that if luck wasn’t on my side, and i didn’t perform as well as i knew i could, that peoples opinions of my skill set wouldn’t be accurate.  This self inflicted "bad pressure” basically created unnessecary stress and sabotaged my performances. If i’d have looked at my performance as simply an OPPORTUNITY, If i was excited to showcase the hours of preperation and dedication i’d been putting into my craft, simply put, if i created “GOOD pressure,” my stress levels would have been way lower and i wouldn’t have gotten in my own way. Hopefully this simple mindset hack, this simple golden nugget of wisdom can help you get out of your own way. 

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