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#5- Sonya Looney

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Sonya

Audio Clip Found @ 29:41

Two big golden nuggets seemed to present themselves in my conversation with Sonya. The first was understanding a little bit deeper what Mindset ACTUALLY is. Mindset isn’t just ONE tool as i’ve often thought, it’s a toolbox full of DIFFERENT tools to be used when we need them. We’re often face to face with difficult situations, whether it be a decision we need to make, some intense physical effort, or even emotional turmoil. And we can develop skills that help us look at the situation from a perspective that will help us move forward, rather than slow us to a halt. 


The second golden nugget was realizing how closely linked our every day actions are tied to our performance. When competing, it’s not as simple as “the most skilled person winning.” The winner is going to emerge from who’s daily actions resemble the variety of skills necessary to get a leg up in the competition. And this includes mental skills just as much as physical skills. 


As you heard in the episode, Sonya’s Daily Mindset tool box consists of techniques such as explanatory style, energy management, thought labelling, and intentional imbalance. I look forward to trying these techniques in my own life moving forward, and i hope you do too. 

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