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#6- Chris DiPiero

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Chris

Audio Clip Found @ 54:34

Chris’ knowledge about the process of developing high-performers led me to understand my own pursuit in becoming a high-performer a little bit better. Chris teaches us that high-performers, whether in business, teaching, coaching, or parenting, all have outstanding self-awareness….I’ve heard of self-awareness being a key component to high-performance before... but i’ve never really understood WHY it’s so crucial. 


I NOW understand that self-awareness isn’t just understanding where your strengths and weaknesses are, it’s a process of self-discovery. It’s consistently pushing passed our limits and discovering that we’re actually capable of much more than we once thought we were. It’s only through this constant testing and pushing our limits that we can have a more accurate understanding of our capabilities. I now believe this is the most important progress we can make in our pursuit of greatness in anything we do... If there’s any sort of recipe... or road map... to becoming a “high-performer" it’s as simple as “becoming more self-aware.” 

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