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#7- Jason Dorland

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Jason

Audio Clip Found @ 1:33:54

Mindset is all about looking at things differently. And after my conversation with Jason, I’ll look at competition in a healthier, more sustainable way for the rest of my life. Often when we compete, the only thing that matters is winning, so we hope that the opponent has a terrible performance, we hope they “fuck up” or "shit the bed." But when we let go of the conventional theory of using hatred towards our opponents as fuel, and develop LOVE for our opponents, in short, when we use Jason's “LOVE SCORE,” our focus is shifted to the process rather than the outcome, which facilitates high-performance.


If our opponent does have a bad performance, the competition will by definition not require OUR best anymore. And if we TRULY love what we’re doing, we want the competition to bring out the best in ourselves. When we shift our mindset from “winning at all costs" to "loving who we are, loving the process, loving who’s on our team, and loving who we're competing against,” winning and success will be a by-product and just that much more of a fulfilling experience. 

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