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Ep. #9- Jordan Martinook

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Jordan

Audio Clip Found @ 47:10

I had a few takeaways from my conversation with Jordan Martinook, the main theme revolving around leadership. What clicked for me is that there are two sides to leadership techniques. First, there are learned traits from mentors, like Jordan’s admiration for his former teammate Shane Doan and how genuinely kind of a person he is to everybody not only on his team, but in the entire organization. 

Second and most importantly, there are innate traits that are unique to you, that you must develop in order to be a good leader, Like Jordan’s pre-game naked lap. A naked lap around the dressing room may not seem like leadership at first glance, but he’s doing what he knows his team needs. You could call it "Trying to keep things light” or “not taking things too seriously”  but what i see is not being held back by doubts in your head of how you're "supposed to lead.” and simply “being yourself."

For some reason, I think we all assume that taking things seriously and being goofy are kind of like oil and water, in that they don’t mix. But i think it’s important to remind ourselves that being goofy can decrease the immense pressures we all tend to put on ourselves. Playfulness has got a sort of calming and relaxation effect on others. Which when done authentically, increases the likelihood of your teams best performance. 

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