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Ep. #27- Gene Principe

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Gene

Audio Clip Found @ 1:09:23

What's stuck with me most after my interview with Gene is his pure fascination with the small stories behind the athletes that he interviews.  His pursuit and genuine love for unearthing these stories has added clarity to what I want to accomplish with this podcast.


The facts that Steven Stamkos puts a red dot on his stick to remind him of a goal light is cool for some reason, and Gene discovered that story and shared it. Whether it's McDavid having 5 different lengths of stick, or Luke Gazdic putting his loved ones initials on his stick, Gene's unearthed some interesting and unique ways that the BEST of the BEST get the most out of themselves. And these ideas will undoubtedly inspire other's to tweak and make the practise their own.


His examples in this interview may all have to do with their hockey sticks, but it's made me realize that high-performers may use reminders for inspiration in other ways with their specific tools for the job. I'm now determined to discover what these reminders are, and how we can all implement them. 


In the words of the longest tenured Edmonton Oiler Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Thanks Gene!

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