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Ep. #24- Mike Shaw

Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Mike

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Mike speaks a lot about how gratitude helped him get through the toughest of times during his recovery, and it's now a part of his life's mission to introduce the power of gratitude into as many other lives as possible, BEFORE they have a catastrophic accident like he did. How crazy is it that our default is to NOT feel grateful for something we have, until it's GONE. We need to learn to be pro-active and SEARCH for what we should be grateful for BEFORE it's gone, in order to truly harness it's power.


If you're anything like me, you heard Mike's story and felt temporarily inspired, and felt a deep desire to implement gratitude into your daily life. But it's all too easy to get caught up in our everyday habits and routines, and slowly slip away from the intention required to feel grateful every day. So it's not as easy as just hearing mike's words and "feeling grateful from now on." We must find a time, a place or an action that we'll inevitably repeat and use it as a reminder for us to SEARCH for gratitude. We must find what mike calls "gratitude triggers."


As Mike mentions, it can be the first hot slurp of coffee in the morning, or it can be the sound and feeling of the ratchet strap on your snowboard, but ultimately it has to work for you. What I think might work for me is attaching it to something difficult that I do intentionally everyday. A sacrifice of NOW for the sake of LATER. Every time I step foot into a cold shower from now on, I aim to search for gratitude while at peak discomfort. Hopefully this will stick and I can tap into the power of gratitude that Mike speaks so highly about.

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